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*Secrets of Connection* Online Intensive Training with Chris Munro

*Secrets of Connection* Online Intensive Training with Chris Munro

1 PAYMENT OF $49.00

                                   DATE:  Tues, Mar 6, 2018
                       Time: 5:00 p.m. PST approx 3-hour class

This web-class style condensed single lesson was designed for those who:

-are feeling disconnected to the outside world

-have a hard time getting through to a second or third date

-feel like they don't belong in social situations

-have a lack of meaning in life

-are alone more than they want to be

-have moments of loneliness


You will receive a welcome email with course materials and link to the class (within 24hr). A replay of the class will be provided for those who cannot attend but still wish to do the course (the same fee applies), or for those who wish to do this intensive lesson more than once (this is highly recommended due to the fast pace of this class)

*This intensive training does not include 24hr support, 1 on 1 training or any special bonuses that the course packages include*

Opportunity for feedback and questions will be provided during class depending on time and number of students in the class

For more information please email or visit

Terms and Conditions apply.